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The Determine Cloud Platform
achieves even higher marks on the
Spend Matters E-Procurement SolutionMap.

Spend Matters E-Procurement SolutionMap Q1 2018

Determine takes performance up yet another notch in the latest SolutionMap quarterly release.

Whatever your organization and procurement persona – Nimble, Deep, Configurator, Turn-Key or CIO-Friendly – you want a cloud-based modular solution that delivers across the board. Now, if you also want a lower Total Cost of Ownership, simple integration that lets you start with one or two capabilities and grow as you need, and an intuitive UX that empowers quick adoption for faster ROI, then look no further.

With all that in mind, according to the latest Spend Matters SolutionMap for E-Procurement, Determine’s Procurement solution is the standout Value Leader choice. Nothing shows that better than Top Tier rankings for customer recommendations, speed of deployment and delivering overall business value.

Determine has some of the strongest Order Management and Configuration capabilities in the market.”

— Spend Matters SolutionMap, 1Q 2018

Along with numerous solution technology category recognition, Spend Matter analysts call out our Order Management and Configuration capabilities as “some of the strongest in the market.” That means, whatever your level of procurement technology usage and sophistication, Determine can take you to the next level. And beyond.

Spend Matters E-Procurement SolutionMap

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