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Manage risk by connecting the dots between
suppliers, procurement and contracts.

SIG Aligning Tech

Learn how to get your people, processes, technology and data in alignment.

Organizations of all sizes and industries are wrestling with how to improve third-party risk management efforts. The challenge often comes from a disconnect between processes that are spread out among a wide number of stakeholders; Supplier due diligence, ensuring contract compliance, monitoring, renewing or even terminating supplier relationships.

By aligning processes and technology for quick adoption, you’ll have the ability to easily connect the dots between suppliers and contracts and procurement processes.

In this webinar presented by Determine, SIG and Protiviti, you’ll learn best practices for initiating third-party risk efforts by improving the integration of supplier onboarding and contract management.

Topics include:

  • Looking at issues around transition from onboarding to contract award
  • Addressing the challenges of defining a “contract owner”
  • Improving supplier and contract visibility in an environment of constant change
  • Preventing the onboarding of suppliers with expired certifications, or the renewal of contracts with non-performing suppliers

Don’t let third-party risk go unchecked: learn to align supplier on-boarding with contract management to ensure compliance — watch now!

Webinar Title:

Third Party Risk Management Efforts 101: Aligning Supplier Onboarding to Contract Onboarding

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Chris Monk ProtivitiChris Monk | Managing Director, Business Performance Improvement, Protiviti Inc.

Chris has over 17 years of experience in supply chain, both within industry and serving clients as a consultant.  He has a proven track record of analyzing, improving, and transforming organizations, delivering performance improvement and sustainable cost savings for clients across multiple industries.  His areas of focus include S&OP, Sourcing and Procurement, Accounts Payable, Enterprise Contract Management, Supplier Performance Management, and Third Party Risk Management.  He is a published thought leader and has been recognized by Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine as a Pro to Know.

Constantine LimberakisConstantine Limberakis | Director of Product Marketing, SpendHQ

A thought leader in the area of procurement and supply management, Constantine has over 20 years of experience, playing strategic roles in a wide spectrum of organizations related to consulting, product marketing, product development and market research. Throughout his career, he’s engaged business leaders and the broader analyst and technology community with strategic content, speaking engagements, research, webinars, and industry articles. Constantine is focused on analyzing technology business trends and promoting leading technology around procurement and supply management.

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