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Don’t let weak contract management
undermine a great procurement process.

Contract Compliance: Why it Matters to Procurement

How much are you losing through contract non-compliance?

If you think procurement’s involvement with contracts stops once they’re awarded, think again. Sourcing may be the beginning of the procurement process, but managing purchases and suppliers through contracts – and their compliance – post-award is where procurement teams really start to add and achieve value.

In this webinar with Spend Matters, you’ll learn why ensuring contract compliance through effective contract management isn’t an afterthought; it’s at the functional heart of successful end-to-end procurement savings, efficiency and supplier performance.

Topics include:

  • CLM – the nexus of compliance, stakeholders, suppliers and customers
  • Why compliance is the new savings
  • Integrating contracts and procurement seamlessly
  • How process management simplifies collaboration

Own contract management across your procurement organization, and beyond—don’t miss this on-demand webinar to learn what you need to know.

Webinar Title:

Contract Compliance: Why it Matters to Procurement

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Jason BuschJason Busch | Founder, Head of Strategy, Azul Partners, Inc.

The closest thing to a household name in procurement and supply chain, Jason has led the charge as an advocate, futurist and evangelist since the 1990s. Initially at FreeMarkets and then an adviser to Ariba and other firms, Jason branched out on his own to establish the Spend Matters brand (parent company: Azul Partners), which emerged to become the largest news and information portal covering the sector.

Julien NadaudJulien Nadaud | Chief Product Officer, Determine, Inc.

Julien Nadaud’s focus is to bring teams and innovative technologies together to build a global industry leader in strategic sourcing, supplier management, procure-to-pay and contract management. A global specialist in eProcurement and spend management, he has an impressive career of industry innovations, having implemented more than 100 projects worldwide.

Rick GenevaRick Geneva | Product Management, Determine, Inc.

With over 20 years of diverse experience the IT industry including sales, consulting, product management, enterprise architecture, and software engineering, Rick helps customers solve complex business problems and guides them to success. By helping them understand how product features translate to the “big picture,”​ they become more organized and efficient. Highly skilled at Agile development, team leadership and business analysis, Rick also maintains deep technical skills in bleeding edge technologies. Technology specialties include Business Process Management, Data Analytics, Operational Intelligence, Real-time systems, Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Cloud systems architecture.

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