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Why it’s crucial to link Contract Lifecycle
Management & Supplier Information
Management to mitigate third-party risk.

SolutionWise Product Demo Webinar: Transformation 102 - CLM+SIM

Do these questions sound familiar?

“What’s involved in getting the contract specification correct so that both suppliers and stakeholders know what’s required?”
“Can I standardize SLA’s and KPI’s through templates to accelerate contracting negotiation?”
“Is there a way to track and monitor contract performance for strategic, critical suppliers on an ongoing basis?”

Without airtight integration between Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Supplier Information Management (SIM), suppliers, vendors and other service providers can become your biggest sources of risk. In this demonstration of the Determine Cloud Platform, you’ll see first hand how our modular solutions seamlessly share a single source of verified data and linked dynamic workflows to create a multiplier effect in managing 3rd-party risk.

In addition to the issues you submit, you’ll see how the Determine Cloud Platform enables you to:

  • Aggregate data to mitigate third-party risk, increase efficiency and achieve savings
  • Link suppliers and contracts for holistic visibility across relationships
  • Effectively track ongoing supplier information, performance and deliverables

Don’t let 3rd-party risk lurk unseen in your organization – learn how aligning contract and supplier management can be your best defense and register now!


SolutionWise Demo Webinar Transformation 102: CLM + SIM

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About this series:

SolutionWise is our demo webinar series designed to give you the chance to actively participate — ask questions and see exactly how our solutions can solve your specific pain points and issues.

Chris Colburn | Product Manager, Business Solutions, Determine, Inc.

Chris Colburn is a Product Manager at Determine, a leading company that helps customers control and manage spend, minimize risk and deliver results across source-to-pay and contract management. Previously, he was in marketing company working with customer loyalty software. He graduated from Appalachian State.

Mike Mitchell | Senior Content ManagerMichael Mitchell

Mike is responsible for assisting with marketing communications, customer and prospect initiatives, digital assets and sales enablement. His background includes advertising and corporate marketing in a career that spans over 20 years and four continents.

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