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Achieving real, sustainable procurement savings
requires integrated budget management
delivering flexibility, visibility and control.

SolutionWise Budget Management Product Demo

Expanding procurement impact and influence through digital transformation.

This in-depth product demo webinar will show you how our budget management seamlessly aligns with procure-to-pay, contracts, invoicing and finance on the Determine Cloud Platform. This integration gives you real-time data visibility into what, where and when spend is happening, so you can achieve total compliance and real savings.

In addition to your questions, topics include:

  • Advanced settings that enable precise, automatic spend allocations based on user profiles for budget-based cost centers, commodities, or GL accounts
  • Reducing maverick spend by improving visibility down to the specific contract level across departmental budgets based on verified shared data and ERP integration
  • Driving better forecasting and identifying savings opportunities with real-time monitoring of all spending in OpEx, CapEx or Project Based budgets

Whatever stage of transformation you’re in, find how to get to the next level with this 52 minute demo webinar. Instead of just talking about maximizing procurement savings, we’ll show you how.


SolutionWise Live Product Demo Webinar: Budget Management Aligned with Procure to Pay

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About this series:

SolutionWise is our demo webinar series designed to give you the chance to actively participate — ask questions and see exactly how our solutions can solve your specific pain points and issues.

Andrew BartoliniGene Travers | Senior Solutions Engineer at Determine Inc.

As a senior Solutions Engineer, Mr. Travers specializes in successfully helping organizations worldwide with their supplier management, sourcing, contracting, and purchasing needs. A former customer of Determine’s, he combines a unique perspective with his extensive procurement background across multiple sectors. Travers has worked with such Fortune 1000 accounts as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Kraft Foods, and The PGA of America.

Mike Mitchell | Senior Content Manager at Determine Inc.Michael Mitchell

Mike is responsible for assisting with marketing communications, customer and prospect initiatives, digital assets and sales enablement. His background includes advertising and corporate marketing in a career that spans over 20 years and four continents.

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