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PayStream 2017 Supplier Management Report

Supplier relationships are the key to unlocking value and mitigating risk in every industry.

In the 2017 Supplier Management Report, PayStream Advisors presents in-depth research on the supplier pain points, challenges and needs facing companies in different industry verticals. The upshot is, that leveraging strategic supplier management technology – like the best-in-class modular solution found on the Determine Cloud Platform, is critical to improving supplier relationships in order to unlock value, reduce risk and impact the bottom line.

The 2017 Supplier Management Report highlights include:

  • Supplier Management Trends Among North American Organizations
  • Features and Functionality of Supplier Information Management (SIM) Software
  • Supplier Management Best Practices
  • A Detailed Review of Determine’s Supplier Management Expertise

This report, and our companion webinar, will give you best practice thinking and practical steps to manage suppliers with process ownership, open collaboration, data integrity and the right technology tools — Download Now!

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