On-Demand Webinar

How users drive CLM solution innovations
that impact bottom line results

beyond expected surprise

Users no longer are buying solution features and functions; They’re looking for tools that enable business results.

In this webinar with IACCM and Determine, you’ll learn how real-life company challenges morph into ideas and concepts for contract management innovations. At the end of they day, companies want to manage uncertainty, mitigate risk and eliminate obstacles to competitiveness.

Watch now to hear predictions on what companies are looking for in 2018. Tim Cummins, CEO of IACCM, Mike Behne, Professional Services Leader, and Sean Delaney, S2P Professional will explore the issues that are top of mind and discuss exactly the role technology can play to exceed expectations.

Topics include:

  • What prospects and customers are talking about in terms of pain points and wish lists
  • How to leverage CLM to manage third-parties and mitigate risk
  • How shared data and business processes solve business problems
  • Industry trends and enterprise expectations in 2018

Learn how to take your contract management processes beyond the expected — watch now!

Webinar Title:

Contract Management — Beyond the Expected

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Tim CumminsTim Cummins | CEO, IACCM

Mr.Cummins works with organizations to support understanding of the role of procurement, contracting and relationship management in business performance and public policy. Prior to IACCM, his career included executive roles at IBM. He also has experience in the banking, automotive and aerospace industries. Mr. Cummins writing is extensively published and he has acted as an advisor to many of the world’s largest companies and government bodies including the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Japan.

Michael BehneMichael C. Behne | Professional Services Leader

Mr. Behne has a demonstrated history of working as a professional services leader with significant experience with SaaS systems. His impressive technical and leadership skills span Sales, Strategy Execution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Team Effectiveness, and Value Creation initiatives. Mike is passionate about driving value creation throughout the global Source-to-Pay industry.

Sean DelaneySean Delaney | Source-to-Pay Professional

Mr. Delaney is vastly experienced source-to-pay professional who focuses on enabling clients to optimize ongoing business relationships through leveraging technology. By connecting Sales, Contract operations, Human Resources and Procurement through Analytics & Contracts, Sean helps stakeholders makers make faster, more informed decisions. His expertise, breadth of knowledge, tenacity and executive experience have been instrumental in getting companies into a true market-leading position.

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