Everybody is talking AI—
but how exactly will it work for you?

Forrester Webinar: How AI will (and won't) change Procurement and Contracting

Separating fact from fiction to understand the practical impact of AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic in procurement and contract management. But how much of the AI chatter is real, and how much is hype? How far along are source-to-pay providers in delivering on the promise of artificial intelligence?

In this webinar with guest Forrester, How Artificial Intelligence will (and won’t) change Procurement and Contracting, we explore the impact of AI on the users of source-to-pay platforms, especially on stakeholders in procurement, finance and legal. We’ll delve into Forrester’s research on what AI tools purchasing and contract lifecycle management solution providers are adding to their products – and how companies are using them. You’ll learn exactly which procurement and contracting problems AI can address, and how to benefit from the functionality available in the market.

Topics include:

  • What exactly is artificial intelligence, and how it applies to S2P
  • The benefits and limitations of machine learning and deep learning
  • AI at work in sourcing, contracts and procurement – now and in the future
  • Conversational chatbots and the future of automation

Artificial intelligence is a moving target in our industry — nail down your understanding of the myths and realities and watch our on-demand webinar with guest Forrester.

Webinar Title:

How Artificial Intelligence will (and won’t) change Procurement and Contracting

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Andrew BartelsAndrew Bartels | VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Andrew Bartels primarily contributes to Forrester’s offerings for the CIO. As an analyst, he is a leading expert on tech market trends and sizing, cloud and smart computing technologies, tech budget benchmarks and processes, and tech’s impact on business operations. He also researches the growing customization of tech systems for industry-specific solutions for utilities, energy, government, education, and professional services sectors. He is a thought leader in buy-side technologies and business networks. Andy has been with Forrester for 15 years, starting with Giga Information Group which Forrester acquired in 2003.

Julien NadaudJulien Nadaud | Chief Product Officer, Determine

Julien Nadaud’s focus is to bring teams and innovative technologies together to build a global industry leader in strategic sourcing, supplier management, procure-to-pay and contract management. A global specialist in eProcurement and spend management, he has an impressive career of industry innovations, having implemented more than 100 projects worldwide.

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