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CPO Rising 2018 Age Of Intelligence

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”#DataIntelligence”]Create value – and competitive advantage – across your procurement processes by turning data intelligence into intelligent decisions.[/inlinetweet]

The idea of Big Data has moved from buzzword to business reality. But the reality is, not enough organizations are taking advantage of the immense opportunities that data represents.

The key to value creation is for CPOs and procurement teams to convert these information streams into intelligence, then leverage that intelligence to make faster, more-informed decisions.

In this webinar with Ardent Partners we explore key findings from their landmark research report, CPO Rising 2018: The Age of Intelligence. The report, which collates the experiences and insights of more than 320 global Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) will help you learn how to extract more value out of your processes.

By capturing and managing procurement, supplier, and third-party data, and leveraging process-automation solutions to transact greater volumes of work, you can shift your focus to adding strategic value, like relationship-building and long-term planning.

Topics include:

  • The state of procurement today and how leading global CPOs are turning challenges into opportunities
  • Managing large data volumes to leverage transformative decisions
  • How automated tools help procurement extract more value out of processes

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@Determine” suffix=”#AgeOfIntelligence”]As businesses become fully immersed in the age of intelligence, those that can extract insights and value out of their data will be more competitive and successful[/inlinetweet] – Watch now to learn how.

Webinar Title:

CPO Rising 2018:
The Age of Intelligence

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CPO Rising

Andrew BartoliniAndrew Bartolini | Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners

Andrew Bartolini is a globally recognized expert in sourcing, procurement, accounts payable, and supply management. At Ardent Partners, Andrew focuses his research and efforts on helping enterprises develop and execute strategies to achieve operational excellence within their procurement and finance departments. Andrew is also the publisher of CPO Rising, the first independent media site written for and about Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives

Kevin Turner: SVP of Customer SuccessKevin Turner | Senior Vice President of Customer Success, Determine

Kevin Turner is responsible for driving value-based objectives with customers and customer advocacy of Determine’s rapidly expanding customer base. A recognized customer success innovator and practitioner in the Procurement and Source-to-Pay industry, Kevin brings more than 20 years of experience as an eBusiness/eCommerce/SaaS professional to Determine. An award-winning, in-demand industry evangelist, Kevin has applied his expertise in designing and implementing strategic transformational customer programs to a range of leading public and private entities.

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