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Exploring the value of consolidating spend
with electronic procurement

Leveraging procurement insights is key
to increasing procurement influence.

PayStream 2018 Procurement Insight Report

Automation, process efficiency and full visibility are critical to achieving procurement agility.

For procurement to reach and demonstrate its full potential, it’s critical to bring all company spend into one automated, controlled environment. In the PayStream Advisors 2018 Procurement Insight Report, you’ll learn how advanced, innovative P2P technology is critical to empowering teams to view and act on data in order to make educated, strategic decisions and increase organizational influence. By automating and streamlining workflows – enabling procurement to achieve Process Under Management – the modular procurement solution on the Determine Cloud Platform helps unlock value, reduce risk and impact the bottom line.

The 2018 Procurement Insight Report includes:

  • Current trends in procurement processes
  • Why integrating requisitions, POs, receipts and invoices empower users into a single interface increases data visibility for better decision making
  • Best-practice adoption for improving spend control and supplier relationships while minimizing implementation costs
  • A detailed review of Determine’s modular Procurement solution capabilities

This report will give you best-practice thinking and practical steps to achieve procurement agility, efficiency and Process Under Management — Download Now!

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