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Sourcing and CLM are key to controlling spend and minimizing risk.

Enhance efficiency and minimize costs
while optimizing cash, supply chain and
data management.

PayStream 2018 Sourcing & Contract Management Insight Report

Automated, integrated sourcing and contract management reduces costs, increases savings and provides the data visibility to make more informed and strategic decisions.

Simplifying and streamlining sourcing and contract management eliminates redundant activities, synchronizes data across the supply chain and enterprise, and automates key activities. This results in greatly improved automation, reporting and analytics, visibility and savings. The 2018 Sourcing and Contract Management Insight report from PayStream Advisors details how automating and integrating sourcing and contract management can comprehensively enhance enterprise spend, data management and compliance. Leveraging advanced technology — like the best-in-class modular solutions found on the Determine Cloud Platform — is critical to unlocking hidden value, reducing risk, improving supplier relationships and optimizing bottom line impact.

The 2018 Sourcing and Contract Management Insight Report includes:

  • Current trends and landscape in sourcing and contract management processes
  • How to streamline solution implementation and configuration to improve long-term success
  • Solution adoption best practices to enhance efficiency and minimize costs
  • A detailed review of Determine’s leading modular Sourcing and Contract Management solution capabilities

This report will give you best-practice thinking and practical steps to optimizing your spend, compliance and risk management processes with the right technology tools — Download Now!

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