P2P Implementation Survival Guide

10 common pitfalls and how to survive (or avoid) them.

Now that you’ve made the decision
to implement a P2P solution, here’s how to
avoid the 10 most common pitfalls.

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As more companies deploy procure-to-pay (P2P) to streamline purchasing processes, control spend and improve savings, the realities of solution implementation will become apparent — positive and negative.

You’ve heard a lot about the benefits of P2P automation and digital transformation, and likely have colleagues at other companies leveraging all the advantages the technology promises. But before you get all starry-eyed and rush to deploy a solution, keep in mind that implementing P2P without the proper building blocks in place can be a slow, trackless road to missed goals, wasted resources and damaged reputations.

Luckily, those building blocks and P2P implementation strategies are well defined. The best practices have been honed and refined over the years, so you can benefit from the hard-won experiences of those who went before you.

This guide will shed light on the most common pitfalls companies face during implementation and suggest strategies and tactics to overcome them to improve the likelihood of success. You’ll learn:

  • Why stakeholder involvement from the outset is critical
  • To pilot or not to pilot test
  • The importance of pain point identification at the start
  • Why you really, really want to keep your processes simple

To achieve the smoothest implementation possible, it is vital to be aware of the most common roadblocks to a successful system rollout and how best to avoid them — download The 10 Common Pitfalls of P2P Implementation: A Survival Guide.

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