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Learn why 43% of organizations with automated P2P processes are satisfied
compared to only 9% of those with manual organizations.

How to take your accounts payable processes
from cost center to revenue generator.

Download the 2019 Payables Insight Report from Levvel Research

“One of the most effective ways to improve an organization’s bottom line is to decrease the cost of operations that do not directly contribute to profit…to generate revenue through increased efficiency.” — 2019 Payables Insight Report from Levvel Research

As more and more organizations around the world embrace the digitalization and automation of back-office processes, they are seeing the direct benefit and impact on the bottom line. Not only does implementing accounts payable automation technology replace costly and inefficient manual and paper-based tasks, it turns this traditional cost center into a competitive advantage.

Download the Levvel Research 2019 Payables Insight Report

Many organizations have embraced partial automation and are progressing toward optimal efficiency through continued technology adoption.

This invaluable insight report from leading analyst firm Levvel Research explores the varying ways that payables automation is leveraged today in increasingly digital, nimble, and competitive business environments. Topics include:

  • Current payables trends and details of how organizations of different sizes approach AP automation and the benefits they reap.
  • A look at different automation tools — from homegrown to cloud-based solutions…and why cloud migration is accelerating.
  • The five main Payables components — invoice receipt, invoice workflow automation, electronic payments, reporting analytics and supplier management — and what features you need for each.

Download the Levvel Research report to learn more about how your AP organization should automate its payables processes, and turn them from cost center to revenue generator.

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