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How to Quarantine Your 3rd-Party Risk

3rd-party risk exposure?
Here’s how to vaccinate your organization.

IACCM Webinar: How to Quarantine Your 3rd-Party Risk

In an increasingly complex and risk-prone world, the ability to manage contract compliance and supplier risk is often too difficult to be effective. As this webinar with IACCM (International Association for Contract & Commercial Management) shows, it’s often because many requirements are buried deep in custom documents relying on key employees and inefficient manual processes to monitor.

Since third-party risk often falls between different “chairs” or department responsibilities, the issue of third-party data management often gets addressed with stand-alone point solutions like SIM, GRC or CLM, unable to connect the dots between suppliers and their contracts.

By unifying 3rd-party risk on a common platform, organizations are able to consolidate supplier information management and contract management information as part of wider source-to-pay processes to improve collaboration.

Join us for How to Quarantine Your 3rd-Party Risk with IACCMApril 7, 2020 @ 11AM ET | 8AM PT | 5PM CEST | 4PM BST. You’ll learn the benefits and approaches to improving the alignment of 3rd-party risk management through the power of a common platform to create a line of defense for IT, legal, finance and procurement teams.

During the webinar we will share how consolidating third-party data in one source between departments allows organizations to:

  • Manage one system instead of several to allow IT to focus on other activities
  • Have a unified single business process across divisions and business functions for managing supplier and contracts
  • Improve compliance and visibility while reducing management time on this issue by sharing data in one tool
  • Promote efficiency and effectiveness by increasing productivity for both internal stakeholders and 3rd parties

Learn what your organization can do to inoculate itself from outside risks brought in by third parties — vendors, suppliers and other providers — Register for the webinar now.

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Paul Branch – IACCM Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical OfficerPaul Branch | Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officer, IACCM

Paul has worked in the Telecommunications/IT industry for over 30 years, with more than 20 years spent in various buy- and sell-side contract and commercial management (CCM) positions. Most recently, Paul was Head of Deal Assurance at BT Group, delivering complex change programs dramatically improving CCM delivery.
Paul served on the IACCM Board of Directors, as both a Non-Executive Director and Officer. He is an IACCM Expert Practitioner and Fellow.

Matthew MarkhamMatt Markham | Vice President of Global Sales Engineering, Determine, a Corcentric company

As Vice President of Global Sales Engineering at Determine, a Corcentric company, Mr. Markham is responsible for selling, supporting, and driving presales and post sales customer success. His diverse skills ensure that customers benefit from the entire Determine suite of solutions to make smarter, more informed decisions using Source to Pay tools. He has over 20 years of experience working with Enterprise software sales, specializing in leading and building effective teams of Sales Engineers. Mr. Markham has a background in aerospace engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Constantine Limberakis, Senior Director Product Marketing Strategy & Analyst Relations, CorcentricConstantine Limberakis | Senior Director of Product Marketing, Corcentric

Constantine Limberakis is focused on creating brand awareness and promoting new ideas around the digital transformation of business. A thought leader in the area of procurement and supply management, Constantine has been nominated as a SDCE Pros to Know in 2013 and 2015. With close to 20 years of experience, he’s played a variety of strategic roles in management consulting, product marketing, business development and market analyst research. Constantine holds a BA in History from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA in Finance & Marketing / Masters in Public & International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.