Retail case study

Main challenges facing Retail

  • Reshape retail value and enhance their customer experience
  • Implement digital transformation to improve operational efficiency
  • Adapt to the recent online retail boom
  • Secure the supply chain

Retail GNFR procurement challenges 

No centralisation – individual stores (or sites) do not benefit from supplier negotiation leverage, cost reductions and improved supplier performance across multiple products and services.

No visibility … no control – centralised spend data also results in a lack of control and visibility over spend, budgets, AP commitments and working capital.

Time consuming processes – manual procurement processes rely heavily on phone, email and paper-based communication for requisitions and order management. These processes are time-consuming, cause errors and prevent staff from focusing on their mission.

Project’s objectives:

  • Provide a solution that allows staff to buy the goods and services they need to do their job, with a powerful search engine and a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Simplify and shorten the purchase requisition and ordering processes
  • Eliminate maverick spend and increase savings by directing users to on-contract goods or services
  • Gain greater control over spend and budgets from purchase request to paying their suppliers
  • Enhance supplier performance management


In 2018 the Boulanger Group launched a GNFR procurement digitization project. They chose to implement the Determine Cloud platform to cover 3 key areas, Supplier Management, Contract Management and Procure-to-Pay, and digitize 100% of the processes from purchase request to invoice reconciliation.
On top of solution capabilities, Determine sales and value engineering teams were a deciding factor in the decision to go with Determine on their procurement transformation journey.

Throughout the tender phase, Determine team of experts proved to be very knowledgeable and attentive to Boulanger’s specific challenges and requirements.”
Sébastien Gruart, Director of Internal Audit (formerly CPO GNFR) – Boulanger Group

Another important selection criteria was the user experience. To support adoption, Boulanger was looking for a user-friendly solution that would allow employees to save valuable time while shopping for goods and services they need to do their job .

Employee adoption and support were key. The success of the solution implementation relied on the support of our employees, they found the solution to be simple to use, and intuitive.”
Dominique Huzler, Project Director – Boulanger

Finally, Determine’s expertise in the retail industry with many customers such as Monoprix, Norauto, Invivo and Maisons du Monde convinced the Boulanger Group that Determine’s solutions would meet their business needs.


End users – since the go-live, feedback from end-users has been very positive. Store managers noted the speed of the purchase request validation process and the resulting positive impact on delivery lead time. They have more time to focus on their mission: customer service & satisfaction. e-Business managers appreciate the simplicity of supplier catalogues management and the ability to track and control spend.

Procurement team – buyers benefit from real time visibility into the group GNFR spend, actual budget, incurred expenses and purchasing data in a single solution. The Supplier Management module supported the Group’s supply base cleaning and rationalisation, allowing the procurement team to reduce costs, improve quality and save time.

Suppliers’ info updates are performed by the suppliers themselves in the solution. They don’t need the support from our team anymore, which results in a substantial saving of time.”

Dominique Huzler, Project Director – Boulanger

AP / Finance team – thanks to integrated reporting, the Finance and Procurement departments are more aligned than ever and actively participate in reaching one of the Group’s key objectives: more spend under management.


Boulanger group

With more than 60 years of experience, 150 shops and 9000 employees, Boulanger is the French specialist retailer in electronics household equipments, appliances and multimedia.

Solution key metrics 


20 000 items
35 catalogues grouped by supplier category
4 punch-out catalogues
1400 suppliers

160 stores
+ 70 millions EUR purchased through Determine first year 

9 000 employees
1 300 users

1 solution for store managers, procurement, AP & Finance teams