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The verdict: More legal teams are embracing
contract management to mitigate risk.

general counsel clm adaption rate are highest in enterprises

Contract Management is progressively being recognized as a key initiative to govern business relations, maintain contract value and achieve optimal outcomes. With increased attention to improving contract management, General Counsel and their legal teams have become a catalyst for implementing and embracing enterprise-wide contract management.

Watch our on-demand webinar with our guests Dan O’Connor, Corporate Counsel at Kellogg Company, and Prashant Dubey of The Sumati Group, as we outline the key opportunities and challenges of CLM implementation. Learn about successful strategies GCs have utilized to meet these challenges and capture opportunities.

During this 60-minute on-demand webinar we:

  • Address the opportunities faced by the GC in adopting contract management automation.
  • Describe the importance of high data integrity contract repositories and how GC’s have taken a leadership role in this domain.
  • Talk about user support models that have been used to enable rapid resolution of user issues that prevent adoption
  • Describe how GC’s have re-looked at the legal services model to use a CLM implementation as an opportunity to redefine internal legal department work-streams

Register and watch now to learn how General Counsel are driving CLM adoption – and business.

Webinar Title:

How General Counsel & Procurement Are Leading the Adoption of Contract Lifecycle Management

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Prashant DubeyPrashant Dubey | President & CEO, The Sumati Group

Sumati provides Contract Risk Management™ services to the Office of General Counsel. We Enable Lawyers to Practice More Law™ and help their IT, Procurement and Finance partners focus on substantive issues, while helping their companies reduce risk. Our portfolio of clients includes General Counsel of some of the largest global companies with the most recognized brands in the world.

Dan O’ConnorDan O’Connor | Corporate Counsel, Kellogg Company

Dan O’Connor is Corporate Counsel at Kellogg Company and is currently leading Kellogg’s global CLM implementation strategy. Dan serves as lead counsel to Kellogg’s North American snacks and cereal business units, as well as the company’s global procurement team. He has been at Kellogg for six years, previously working as Vice President and General Counsel of GE Capital’s healthcare vendor and practice solutions unit in Danbury, Connecticut and in private practice in the Pittsburgh office of K&L

Constantine LimberakisConstantine Limberakis | Director of Product Marketing, SpendHQ

A thought leader in the area of procurement and supply management, Constantine has over 20 years of experience, playing strategic roles in a wide spectrum of organizations related to consulting, product marketing, product development and market research. Throughout his career, he’s engaged business leaders and the broader analyst and technology community with strategic content, speaking engagements, research, webinars, and industry articles. Constantine is focused on analyzing technology business trends and promoting leading technology around procurement and supply management.

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