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E-invoicing deployment: The right solution
is critical for your performance.

five key elements to diagnose your e-invoicing deployment.

Revolutionize your electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) implementation

World-class e-invoicing doesn’t happen by chance. And solution capabilities and organizational requirements are highly varied, making evaluations difficult. In this Spend Matters PRO research brief Xavier Oliver shares five key elements needed to diagnose the scope, capability and coverage of your electronic invoicing deployment.

As the final part of the procurement process, payments must be compliant with the PO and a receipt tied to goods or services delivered. In order to comply with payment process requirements, some P2P or standalone invoicing solutions will integrate with the accounts payable ERP module, which will take care of the payment process. But that’s not world class.

The tricky part for those managing the deployment of electronic invoicing solutions (and the providers themselves) is to put in place a solution that spans a full spectrum of payment capabilities. In reality, most e-invoicing tools do not have flexible integration with all payment models and types out of the box, at least not at the level that provides complete visibility into both the invoicing and payment audit trail.

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Topics include:

  • E-Payments Methods
  • Financing Options
  • Integrations Options
  • Pricing Models and Support

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