Our Values

Defining our commitment to customer success.

Words to work by. Every day.

Technology is what we do. But who we are is what defines us as a company. Our values represent our culture—the attributes we draw on to support our customers and each other. We’re here to make a difference, to help you solve real issues by learning to understand your business so we can work with you to discover unidentified opportunities. Our customers inspire us to be better at what we do, every day.


It’s not just all talk.

We strive to live our values, and every quarter we recognize those employees who exemplify those values at work. The best part is, they’re recommended by customers and teammates. Learn what drives them, in their own words.

Determine Value | Integrity

Doing the right thing is best for our people and our business.

Our business is made up of good people and consummate professionals who are true to their words and actions and have the courage to speak and act with integrity. We have the fortitude to understand what is right while accepting the consequences when we are wrong. We are genuine in our commitments and in the face of difficult decisions we will always default to make the fairest choice for our team members, customers and partners. Sometimes this means we may have to say “no” to requests, but we always have the courage to face the truth and be direct and honest.

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The Moral Compass Award

Determine Value | Adaptability

Be adaptable.

Adaptability is essential to both our internal and external approach at Determine. Our customers have unique business problems for which we aim to find the ideal solution. This requires the ability to adapt to specific client needs, and even get creative at times. There is never a shortage of volunteers for unique and innovative projects at Determine, with our primary objective remaining the same: find the best solution to solve business problems. In this light, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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The Swiss Army Knife Award

Determine Value | Collaboration

We are all in this together.

We collaborate to ensure that, when we make decisions, we have sought out and considered all relevant input. We encourage multiple perspectives and appreciate diversity within our teams. We strive every day to communicate openly with our team members, customers, partners, shareholders, and the market, to both inform and inspire. We are committed to listen to and hear each other, regardless of level, position or role in order to be respectful, open-minded and achieve business benefits. While we are each responsible for our individual actions we do not point fingers or look for people to blame for the mistakes we make. We air our differences as we seek the best possible outcome – sometimes through spirited discussions – but once a decision has been reached we stand behind it as one unified team.

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The Glue Award

Determine Value | Improvement

By striving to get 1% better every single day we will consistently make progress.

Quantum leaps ahead are allowed and encouraged but we will not count on them or wait for them to happen, and nor should our customers. We strive to be better every single day – even in areas that already work well. We can always drive efficiency and advancement, sometimes in unexpected and innovative ways, in order to achieve our shared vision. The result is that our customers benefit from our continuous improvement and feel the added value for our endeavors.

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The 1% Better Award

Determine Value | Make It Happen!

Getting it done!

We carefully consider how to achieve our goals and excel in making them happen. We set the bar high, aim for excellence, and most importantly, achieve tangible results. We differentiate ourselves from those who merely see a problem by taking personal responsibility and ownership for delivering solutions to those problems. We are never stuck in the challenges of the moment. We use innovative and creative ways to make it happen for our customers, partners, and team members.

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The Get ‘Er Done Award