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Enterprise CLM

Eliminate contract gaps and headaches created by having multiple silos and systems. Our ECLM approach makes sure every contract is visible, so you have the insight and control to proactively manage compliance and risk while protecting the bottom line.

Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management:
The ultimate CLM strategy.

At the heart of every business relationship are contracts, where commitments and risk are defined and managed. Contracts grow more complex every year as business relationships become increasingly specialized. Market factors today require strategies to reduce risk and ensure compliance across enterprises. Determine addresses these challenges with Enterprise CLM, or ECLM.

An Enterprise CLM strategy requires the most robust and flexible CLM solution available. Determine ECLM provides unmatched capabilities to strengthen and tap the value of your total contract portfolio to drive organizational and financial initiatives.

Contracts impact the bottom line.

Contracts are much more than business agreements. Consider, for example, purchasing office supplies: What if different divisions, departments and offices negotiated their own contracts with suppliers? You’d miss discounts from bulk purchasing, and have an expensive and complicated invoicing and accounts payable process, you’d overpay for individual shipments, and so on.

Now, imagine the same scenario with real estate leases, equipment, supply chains—how much would it cost you? Avoid all that uncertainty and duplication with one source of oversight that gives you the big picture with contract transparency and immediate accessibility. ECLM lets you stay on top of opportunities and achieve faster ROI.

Contract management costs
the average company 9.2% of annual revenue.

Source: International Association for Commercial & Contract Management (IACCM)

Ineffective contract management costs businesses $100 billion per year in missed cost savings.

Source: Aberdeen Group

The cost of legal discovery actions can cost an average of $1.8 million per lawsuit.

Source: Rand Corporation

The benefits of ECLM.

Determine’s ECLM is a holistic contract management strategy that works across the enterprise,
including procurement, legal, HR and sales. It empowers you to:

Provide governance and analytics over master contract data and the lifecycle of every contract.
Bring to terms how the organization needs to be served by its suppliers, and how it needs to meet obligations to its customers.
Identify contractual dependencies across categories, suppliers, and even between buy- and sell-side contracts.

Starting on the ECLM journey.



It starts with total access to all contracts—a central repository that creates transparency of obligations, key attributes such as renewal terms, rebates, discounts and pricing, and opens up a world of invaluable information.


Control & Compliance

It’s crucial that the process includes contract language that’s either standard or approved by appropriate parties. The ability to define workflows based on organizational alignment is critical for stakeholder buy-in.


Value Maximization

Increase your contractual compliance by integrating CLM with sourcing and P2P. Maximize your business relationships outlined in the contracts and the contracting process itself becomes an asset to the business.


Manage Risk & Collaboration

You’ve achieved seamless integration across the enterprise. The consolidated information provides a more holistic view to improve risk management and flawless collaboration with all stakeholders.

Behind our ECLM approach.

Achieving more visibility, insight and control are key to aligning and leveraging enterprise-wide contracts and maximizing relationships. Determine ECLM powers deeper, more comprehensive and proactive capabilities because it gives a true 360° view of invaluable contract assets and liabilities.

Deploying our scalable ECLM strategy up front provides the ability to go global with multi-division, multi-currency and multi-language functionalities. It increases potential profit generation through accelerating your enterprise-level contract oversight and risk control capabilities worldwide.

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An ECLM Success Story

Establishing the goal.

“We recognized the direct link between efficient and effective contracting processes and the overall financial strength of [our organization]. So we started by establishing a common goal: to create an environment that would put all our business units in the best possible position to obtain the goods and services they needed in a consistent, predictable, risk-mitigated, and value-added way. We decided that the key to achieving our newly established goal was to place responsibility and ownership of contract outcomes and involvement in the procurement and contracting processes back on the business unit.”

— Senior Management in Procurement

Results: “A Transformative Evolution.”

By shifting from a centralized to a center-led model, in just 12 months Determine ECLM helped make it possible for the organization to achieve the following key performance indicators:

  • Increased visibility of contracts by 640% – Procurement Services went from being able to see 13 contracts to 835 contracts in just six months;
  • Reduced administrative process burden and enabled the reinvestment of time in more valued-added activities – sourcing support, contract collaboration and negotiation, and supplier performance management – by nearly eliminating the chasing of signatures, scanning and storage of documentation, and printing of contracts;
  • Reduced paper usage by an estimated 16k pages with a subsequent reduction in decentralized print fleet costs;
  • Achieved approximately $3 million in savings due to alignment of procurement and legal resources to support key sourcing and contracting projects;
  • Reduced operational, legal, financial and reputational risk by eliminating rogue contracting.

Senior Management in Procurement:

"With Determine CLM, [we] achieved a transformative evolution that consisted of a lot of little revolutions. We tackled areas that would solve 80% of our problems first. Executive support was also critical to our success. [We were able to] combat fear and resistance by communicating and socializing the change, investing in training, and allowing time for team members to acclimate to new processes and tools."

Ready to take your CLM to a higher level?

We understand each organization’s CLM journey is unique and must proceed in alignment with its business imperatives. Our CLM solutions are designed to be highly configurable to match your business processes and technology landscape. We partner with your teams (procurement, legal, HR and IT) to ensure successful deployment and adoption of our solution in order to meet your enterprise goals.

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Why Determine

Our Holistic Approach

Individual solution insights, big picture view; only we give you both. End-to-end source-to-pay and contract management solutions, Business Process Management engine, advanced analytics, Open API and business network combine full visibility with total control.

Our Pedigree

Our 40+ collective years of pioneering experience provide you with a heritage of innovation and unparalleled depth of capabilities. Determine is truly unique. No other firm out there today can boast the same level of collective experience in strategic sourcing, contract management and procure to pay.

Industry Recognitions

There’s a lot riding on your initiatives, and you want someone with a reputation for getting things done. Recognized by leading analyst firms including the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave and others, we provide you with absolute confidence of solutions that have been vetted by both industry pundits and practitioners.

Our Solutions

Unmatched scalability, configurability, agility. Our suite of source-to-pay and contract management solutions become truly your own through customized applications and seamless integration with whatever systems you’re running.

Our Technology

At the heart of our solutions is the Determine BPM Engine. From enhanced security to dynamic workflow, application integration, audit trail and more, it’s the most powerful tool for you to turn business process complexity into simple competitive advantage.

Our People

We’re a pioneering industry leader because of our people and their unprecedented knowledge base. Many as former practitioners in the field, we know source to pay and contract management best practices better than anyone because we developed them. Just ask the leading companies that turn to us.

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