Supplier Management

Suppliers are much more than your source for goods and services; they offer expertise, specialist knowledge and a broader market awareness. Managed right, they can be a source of inspiration and innovation, not to mention a competitive advantage.

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How to get the most from your suppliers—
beyond discounts and deals.

Good things come out of strong supplier relationships—much more than just savings. Our industry-leading Supplier Management solutions give you the depth of capability and insight to build stronger, more agile and collaborative supplier-centric relationships to maximize value, mitigate risk, align goals and drive KPIs. Supplier relationships are a major asset. Invest in them through our solutions and watch how fast they impact your bottom line.

Top 3 goals achieved by
pursuing Supplier Management improvements:

Standardize Supplier Management practices
Improve overall quality of supplier data
Develop and enhance metrics with supplier risk management tools
Source: Aberdeen Group


Supplier Onboarding: On board and on your side faster.

Start your supplier relationships on the right foot. By making it easy for suppliers to get onboarded, they’ll return the favor with increased discounts and more collaboration. Establishing a more consistent onboarding process and accelerating supplier information collection, we make it simpler for them and you. That means reduced cycle times, improved compliance and improved certification management and workflow.

With a faster, easier process to manage certifications and other industry or regulatory information through robust, configurable supplier-facing tools, you’ll also help reduce supplier risk.

Supplier Information: Better information, better relationships, better business.

Arm yourself with unparalleled levels of clarity to identify the best suppliers for your sourcing and procurement needs, and build relationships that build business success. Knowing which suppliers to work with and which to avoid is an ongoing, holistic process.

Our solution provides simplicity in managing supplier data requirements from both internal and external data sources. Determine helps you aggregate, compile and analyze in-depth supplier profiles by minimizing data redundancies, improving accuracy and efficiency, and letting you find the right supplier data quickly—regardless of supplier location or organizational structure.


Where enterprises seek improvement in Supplier Management:


Source: Aberdeen Group


Supplier Risk & Performance: Spoiler alerts.

Rewrite the rules on intelligence gathering in your organization by putting your suppliers and KPI trends under a microscope. See every detail on supplier profiles, every transaction and contract term, with subtle nuance, right there in stunning clarity.

Our automated supplier monitoring and scoring tool puts multiple perspectives on to one dashboard. Rate suppliers against enterprise performance and quality parameters, and build scorecards for 360° vendor comparisons—decide how to mitigate risk or when to redirect business. No surprises.

D&B Integration: Verification, confirmation, confidence.



Business intelligence is risk management. By integrating D&B with supplier information, you instantly generate a more dimensionalized portrait of every supplier through trusted sources. Selecting and managing the most reliable suppliers protects your business against disruption by staying ahead of the factors that impact their – and your – ability to deliver. A full picture also helps you meet your global compliance, sustainability and diversity requirements. The ultimate tool for supplier risk management.


Action Plan Management: Always have a Plan B (and C, D…)

When issues crop up with suppliers and supply chains (and they will), you need a seamless shift to a bulletproof alternative. Our Action Plan Management is your 20/20 foresight tool for planning every eventuality—whether it’s related to information or transactions. It lets you manage requests during supplier disruptions and other issues without missing a beat.

You’ll save time by using an action plan linked to your supplier activities such as delivery dates, quality issues and other actionable activities. Call it resilience, call it Plan B. Just make sure you have it.

Ready to turn suppliers into business partners?

Informed business decisions make successful companies, especially when it comes to choosing the relationships you maintain in your supplier base. Supplier Management is just one of the many solutions running on the Determine integrated platform. By linking additional applications, you achieve exponential capabilities—seamlessly.

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Why Determine

Our Holistic Approach

Individual solution insights, big picture view; only we give you both. End-to-end source-to-pay and contract management solutions, Business Process Management engine, advanced analytics, Open API and business network combine full visibility with total control.

Our Pedigree

Our 40+ collective years of pioneering experience provide you with a heritage of innovation and unparalleled depth of capabilities. Determine is truly unique. No other firm out there today can boast the same level of collective experience in strategic sourcing, contract management and procure to pay.

Industry Recognitions

There’s a lot riding on your initiatives, and you want someone with a reputation for getting things done. Recognized by leading analyst firms including the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave and others, we provide you with absolute confidence of solutions that have been vetted by both industry pundits and practitioners.

Our Solutions

Unmatched scalability, configurability, agility. Our suite of source-to-pay and contract management solutions become truly your own through customized applications and seamless integration with whatever systems you’re running.

Our Technology

At the heart of our solutions is the Determine BPM Engine. From enhanced security to dynamic workflow, application integration, audit trail and more, it’s the most powerful tool for you to turn business process complexity into simple competitive advantage.

Our People

We’re a pioneering industry leader because of our people and their unprecedented knowledge base. Many as former practitioners in the field, we know source to pay and contract management best practices better than anyone because we developed them. Just ask the leading companies that turn to us.