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Determine has commissioned these research resources from leading analyst firm Levvel Research (formerly PayStream Advisors) to provide you with high quality, educational and actionable content on technology transformation trends, tools, and best practices. Together we want to empower your process agility and business competitiveness.

Levvel Integrating Purchasing and Payables

Exploring the Value of a Synchronized Back-Office Process

Levvel 2018 Procurement Insight Report

Exploring the Value of Consolidating Spend with Electronic Procurement

Levvel 2018 Sourcing & Contract Management

An Overview of Current Sourcing & CLM Processes & Solutions

Levvel Creating Synergy

Optimizing Business Operations Through Integration

Levvel 2017 Supplier Management Report

Leveraging Strategic Technology to Reduce Risk and Improve Supplier Relationships

Levvel 2017 Source-to-Settle Provider Landscape Report

Exploring the Benefits of Holistic Source-to-Settle Software Automation

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