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A process that drives compliance, collaboration and risk avoidance.

You’re the one managing risk and ensuring compliance, but are now being increasingly tasked to take a more active role in the business and project management. As a legal professional, every contract hits your desk. With Determine, you welcome that because you’ll get more transparency and control than you’ve ever had. You and your team will be involved much earlier in projects, guiding process, avoiding mistakes and bringing more value at every step. It puts you in touch, literally, with every contract—sales, procurement, HR, real estate—under your supervision. Automated oversight of terms, milestones, expirations and renewals means you’re on top of it all.

You know what to do. We’ll help you get there.


When it comes to contracts, you don’t leave anything to chance. Ensure compliance when authoring contracts with pre-approved language and optimized clause libraries. Make universal contract changes all at once as regulations dictate, avoiding the costs of non-compliance. Enterprise contract management scalability extends visibility across your entire business, regardless of how complex, large or decentralized you are as an organization.


You want to know who to deal with in business, who to trust and be sure they have your organization’s best interests in mind. Our solutions help you aggregate all proprietary internal and third-party paper contract data. With powerful workflow, reporting and integrated e-Signature capability, our solutions will help you increase collaboration, while complete data visibility makes sure your customers and suppliers are adhering to your agreements and corporate standards.


There are a lot of moving parts to any business deal—a lot of places for legal risk to creep in and opportunity to fall through the cracks. By incorporating an enterprise-wide CLM strategy, there’s no room for anything but efficiency, productivity and compliance. With that much control, you sleep better at night.

Here's how:


Spend Analysis
Savings Tracking
Procurement Analytics
Finance Analytics

Enterprise CLM

Success Story

CLM (Source to Pay)

Repository & Workflow
Authoring & Clause Library
Negotiation Management
Clause & Risk Management
Lifecycle Management
eSignature Integration

Supplier Management

Supplier Onboarding
Supplier Information
Supplier Risk & Performance
Action Plan Management

Financial Management

Budget Management
Financial Tracking
Cost allocation
Big Data

Solutions with you in mind.

At Determine, our job is to make your job easier, more productive and rewarding. As legal’s role evolves, you need to be on top of the technology and innovation because you’re an integral part of business strategy. See how we can give you the competitive advantage.

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Our name, Determine, stands for delivering conclusions through analysis; what we do is deliver confidence. Results. We’re constantly breaking new ground in contract management and source-to-pay solutions, using our expertise and experience to help customers successfully turn pain points into insights, and challenges into bottom-line results. We’re ready to help power your enterprise journey.