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Turn contracts into leveragable sales tools.

Contract management speeds deal flow.

Glitches and bottlenecks don’t make sales. Keeping all your deals moving at every stage is key to hitting your numbers, increasing deal flow, bringing in more revenue, and making you look good and executives happy. Determine CLM simplifies end-to-end sales contract workflow to streamline your process and approval paths from request through renewal. Go with the flow and smooth out the end-of-quarter madness.

You know what to do. We’ll help you get there.


Seamlessly integrated within Salesforce, our CLM is designed to boost its productivity with access in Salesforce Client Mode or standalone. Stay on target and drive efficiency to new levels.


Advanced DocuSign and Adobe eSign integration lets you control the entire eSignature approval path, speeding approval times with legal and external stakeholders so you get the right signatures at the right time, and move on to the next deal.


Your office is wherever you are. Road warriors don’t let location and time zones stop the deal flow, approval processes or business development. CLM lets you view and approve contracts through iPad®, iPhone® and Android™ with a secure mobile interface. Keep moving and keep the process moving.


A central repository with advanced multi-filtering and search capability lets you find client contracts fast—look up terms, clauses and other data easily on your own. Full visibility means knowing your prospects better, so you can make better deals.

Here's how:


Spend Analysis
Savings Tracking
Procurement Analytics
Custom Analytics

CPQ Approach

Configuration Engine

Contract Management

Repository & Workflow
Authoring @ Clause Library
Negotiation Management
Clause & Risk Management
Lifecycle Management
eSignature Integration

Solutions with you in mind.

At Determine, our job is to make your job easier, more productive and rewarding. That’s because our solutions come from three industry innovators with deep experience, now united on one platform. See how we can give you the competitive advantage.

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We have the answer no matter what your needs or budget.


The point solution

Every journey begins with the first step. When you outgrow Excel, each of our solutions is an entry point to best practices and process management. Demonstrate your ROI, then add more apps as your needs evolve.


Best practice transformation

The status quo never moves the needle. You know you can do better. We can help you assess and recommend solutions to increase efficiencies. And to shed light on how to impact your bottom line.


Configured to dominate

A multi-national enterprise shouldn’t be run by multiple network systems. Our solutions can be customized to the Nth degree to provide total visibility and control. Because you need to know exactly what’s happening.

Let us power your journey.

Our name, Determine, stands for delivering conclusions through analysis; what we do is deliver confidence. Results. We’re constantly breaking new ground in contract management and source-to-pay solutions, using our expertise and experience to help customers successfully turn pain points into insights, and challenges into bottom-line results. We’re ready to help power your enterprise journey.

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